Our (BIG) Toolbox

A good tradesman never blames his tools. Too true.

With these really big tools, we can help you get your job done quicker (without having to use a little spade like in our logo).

What job do you need done?

Rotating Rock Grab

Used with both our excavators, we can place rock or move trees or rubbish piles.

Rock Breaker

Used with our larger excavator, we can break up rock or concrete slabs.

Auger (big drill)

Used with our excavator, these are great for digging holes form fence posts, piers and footings. It digs round holes that are 300mm or 450mm in diameter.

Block Grab

Used with our excavator, we can grab rocks and blocks and place them accurately. We use these to create barriers, retaining walls or garden features.

Pallet Forks

Used with our tracked Bobcat, these are great for shifting heavy things. We use these to move equipment around on farms and construction sites.

Road Broom

Used with our tracked Bobcat, we can sweep large hard areas. It’s great for removing dirt, leaves and debris.

5ft Slasher

Ideal for slashing paddocks or driveway verges on small acreages.

6ft Mulcher

Perfect for mulching small acreages.