Why we seriously dig Jindy.

Tim helman is TH Excavation's managing director and the guy who does everyhting.

The short story.

My name is Tim Helman. When Corona forced us to cut short our year-long trip around Australia, we decided to use it as an opportunity to try something new in a place we love; Jindabyne.

I fulfilled a childhood dream by learning to drive a snow-groomer. As the snow season drew to a close, T.H. Excavation was born. Built on 14 years experience in landscaping, earth-moving and construction I know how to help you get your job done.

My wife and I are stoked to be here. We seriously dig Jindy.

The longer story.

For 14 years I ran one of Newcastle’s most popular and well-respected landscaping firms; Novascape Landscaping. It was a blast that was leading me towards a burnout.

After the birth of our second child, I decided it was time to pack up the tools and close the roller door on the shed for good.

My wife, Zea, and I rented out our house, packed up our caravan and hit the road. We were halfway around Australia with one serious breakdown behind us when Coronavirus hit. Stuck in Perth, with borders closing, we decided to head back east.

But we didn’t have a home to go back to.

After a bit of time living out of the van from the parent’s footpath, we started seeing the situation as an opportunity to explore another dream of ours; living on a property in the country.

I’ve been skiing and snowboarding in Charlottes Pass since I was a kid. My parents took us walking in the Alps in the summer. I grew up loving this place. And for years I’ve wanted to learn how to drive a snow groomer.

We moved our family to a beautiful property in Jindabyne in May 2020 and I learnt to drive a groomer in Perisher.

As the snow season drew to a close I started wondering what to do next. With some of Novascape’s machines parked in a shed in Newcastle, I decided to start something new. T.H. Excavation was born.

I’m one of the luckiest people ever. I get to live in a spectacular place. A pristine natural landscape with clean air and water. Our kids get to grow up here. Outside. And I get to play with my machines and dig in the dirt all day long (just like my kids).

My wife and I are stoked to be here. We seriously dig Jindy.

When I’m not digging for my clients, you’ll find me digging with my kids, tending to our bees (the honey is delicious) and making decisions for Snowbird Ski Lodge.